What Is Alcoholism?

Alcoholism is a Disease and It’s Not Alcohol Abuse, Information on the brain disease of alcoholism and why alcohol abuse is not alcoholism., ,

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Information on the brain disease of alcoholism and why alcohol abuse is not alcoholism.


  1. The notion that alcoholism is a physical disease is a respectability endeavor serving the upper classes that was medically dispelled in the 60's. People respond to the pain of dysfunctional childhood, babyhood, with many, " isms," of medication, work, thievery, sex, religion…. There are a few psychotherapies that halt the obsessive drinking in it's tracks; many post patients go on to casual use. It was well documented in the 60's at UCLA Sou Cal that binge drinking was more destructive to the brain than everyday over consumption. Also the younger any deleterious habit is started the greater the damage to the immature vital organs. Obsessive athletics, obsessive intoxicating substances, whether recreational or by prescription; obsessive antibiotic use, obsessive demands on the developing body, overwork, overtiredness, no monotonous daily routines. Sugar is given a benign nod by most but is sweet death and destruction. The chemical laden diet of this century including esters of alcohol is a brain decayer. Trying to take one thing in isolation is not noteworthy. This is an ideologically based bit of nonsense. Addiction to anything is simply the individual medication of choice. The motivating pain is what needs to be honored. "Curing," addiction is simple , if the right therapy is used; and that does not involve substituting religion or some other drug to reduce the craving.

  2. Alcoholism is not a disease. It is an addiction. Plenty of people can drink and not become addiction. Alcoholism is a behavior.

  3. Lots of butthurt morons in here who think they know more about alcoholism than all doctors in the world.

    If doctors say that it is a disease, then it IS a disease!
    Stop your fucking yapping and respect those with more knowledge than you!!!

  4. Who decides who is an alcoholic? The AA? Well absolutely not. And that is exactly what they have been doing since 1939 without doing brain scans or medical tests or even being Doctors or Psychologists. That, as a matter of fact is quackery. And to say, off the top of their heads, as they do in AA, that you have a disease and were born that way without doing a single medical test is fraudulent. It is a practice that should be legally stopped.

  5. It isn't a disease and your logic for calling it a disease is so stupid is laughable and insulting.

  6. Ayauwaska and magic mushrooms work wonders! Cannabis to boot!! Thank you Terence McKenna! I know freedom now!

  7. Do you all realize your cruelty and refusal to understand the mind of an alcoholic has caused thousands of people to commit suicide?

  8. People that think Alcoholism is a disease, should watch the Alcoholic Anonymous South Park episode to see how stupid that statement is.

  9. Calling it a disease is harmful. It creates victimization and helplessness. They had to take the first drink before it became a problem. That doesn't seem like a disease to me. It is an addiction and physical dependency but not a disease. That's why there are separate words and they are NOT interchangeable or synonyms….I understand that technically you can say it is one, but that sort of semantic mental gymnastics is NOT helpful.

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  11. Alcoholism is not a disease. Malaria is a disease. Put a physically Healthy alcoholic next to a person with malaria… which one of them really has a disease?

    Calling alcoholism a disease is a load of horse shit.

  12. how is alcoholism a disease, whereas any other form of addiction isn't…just doesn't make sense